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Sustainable Territories

Sustainable Territories is an integrated approach for the analysis, prescription and monitoring of Local Development

ST is a methodology for the analysis, prescription and supervision of initiatives that aim at achieving well-being for a society, focusing on human dignity. This well-being is interpreted as the growth of individual capabilities. For example, being free, being independent, being entrepreneurial, being employable, being collaborative, or being healthy. Bringing about these capabilities requires the balanced development of economic, social and environmental conditions, reflecting a previously agreed upon social consensus on the direction of public and private initiatives.

This conceptual framework sees the territory as a complex interaction of 5 key factors, setting the foundation on which local sustainable development rests. Through these factors, a holistic understanding of the territory and its dynamics is attained. These 5 factors are:

- Business Ecosystem
- Innovation in Organizations
- Leadership
- Infrastructure
- Citizenship

These factors are constantly affected by the interaction of Conditioning Forces that we identify as: Global Trends, Culture, Political System and Territorial Planning.

This conceptual approach defines the territory as a framework of multiple and articulated dimensions, where one must evaluate the system and implement actions in different fields with the goal of achieving transformations in the existing dynamics.

These structural changes, considered innovative solutions for the territory, are only possible and must be performed together with local stakeholders.

Five key factors comprise the prerequisites to achieve sustainability in the given territory

What we do

Development of Sustainable Territories:
Advising in development of agribusiness ecosystems




Monitoring and follow up

Our team

Our team of seasoned professionals embody multi-sector capabilities as well as functional expertise

Intimate knowledge
regional cultures

Vast geographical experience across
North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia
International Experience
Team members represent four languages

Delivery capacity in five nationalities
Public policy

Finance & Accounting

NGOs & International
development institutions
Management Consulting

Leadership & Change Management

Production, Distribution,
and Operations
Comprehensive Staff EXPERIENCE
Strategic agribusiness & food value chain analyses and development for regional territories, for SMEs as well as for smallholders.
Vast on-the-ground production and operational know-how.
Proven international project management and implementation capabilities.
Relevant Private-Public Partnership experience.


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